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Upgrade to Indonesia’s Fastest 4G Network

In just a few simple steps, you can swap your SIM for a 4G card to enjoy Telkomsel 4G LTE and get 5GB of Internet quota in 4G network.

A Convenient Way to Get Connected

You can easily register online to have your 4G card delivered to your door or simply pick one up at a your closest GraPARI store.

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After You Get a 4G Card, Follow These Steps

Get Token/PIN from Old SIM Card

step 1



Upgrade to New SIM Card

step 2



After You Get a 4G Card, Follow These Steps

Get Token/PIN from Old SIM Card

step 1



Upgrade to New SIM Card

step 2



How to Activate

Activating 4G LTE on Android

Go to Settings > Mobile networks > Network mode and select LTE/3G/2G (auto connect)

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Activating 4G LTE on iOS

Go to Cellular > Cellular Data > Voice & Data and select LTE

You Can Also Do 4G Migration Through:

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Call center 188

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  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

What is a 4G card swap program?

4G card swap is a Telkomsel program that provides convenience to customers who want to redeem or change a non 4G SIM card to a 4G card online (sending 4G card to customer's address) or offline (visiting GraPARI).

What are the requirements to swap 4G card through online channel?

  • You can exchange 4G card if you are already using a 4G Smartphone, without a 4G card, and in a city with 4G network. Information on cities with 4G network can be viewed on the website
  • You can replace 4G card through online channels if you are a customer of simPATI, Kartu As or Loop. kartuHalo customers can replace the 4G card at the nearest GraPARI or MyGraPARI.


Will I be charged for 4G card swap?

You will not be charged for registering online (the 4G card will be delivered to your home) or via offline (visit the GraPARI).

Will the 5GB 4G Internet quota be charged?

No, this does not cost anything. You simply exchange a non 4G card for a 4G card which is must be active more than 6 month and not in grace period.

Where can customers swap 4G cards?

4G card swap can be done through:

  • Online: Go to website, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Offline: Walk in: GraPARI, MyGraPARI and other migration points located in shopping centers (Mall or HP center).

What if I cannot register for an online 4G card swap?

If you are not able to register online, you are recommended to come to the nearest GraPARI. The list of GraPARI stores where you can perform 4G card exchange can be found on the website

What is a 5GB 4G Internet quota for redemption of 4G card?

5GB 4G Internet Quota is an internet quota you’ll receive if you have redeemed a Non 4G card to a 4G card. You can use this quota if you use a 4G Handset connected to Telkomsel's 4G network.

What are the 5GB 4G Internet quota's terms and conditions?

Prepaid subscribers:

  • You are eligible for the 5GB 4G internet Quota if you have successfully changed from non 4G card to 4G card with a number that has been active for at least six months (length of stay ≥ 6 Months) and is in active period (not in grace period).
  • 5GB 4G Internet Quota is only valid once with 30-day active period.
  • The quotas can be checked through UMB by calling *888*3#
  • The quotas accumulate with other 4G quota (if you already have 4G quota) and quota active period follows the longest active period.
  • The quotas can be used only on 4G devices connected to Telkomsel's 4G network.
  • The quotas are only available for one IMEI handset that has not been used for previous migrations.

When does this 4G Internet quota program begin?

This 4G Internet Quota program commenced on September 17, 2016. Telkomsel reserves the right to close or modify this Internet 4G quota program at any time without prior notice.

for complete information of FAQ download here

What are the terms & condition of Ekstra Kuota 5GB 4G?

Postpaid users:

  • Customers who can get 5GB 4G quota bonus are customers who never been replace their non 4G SIM cards to 4G SIM cards.
  • Bonus applies to kartuHalo customer.
  • 5GB 4G quota bonus is valid only 1x with 30 days.
  • 5GB 4G quota bonus can be obtained 3x24 hours after customer get their 4G SIM cards.
  • 4G quota bonus can be used only for 4G devices that connected to Telkomsel's 4G network via 4G SIM cards.
  • 5GB 4G quota bonus can be checked on MyTelkomsel App.
  • Valid for Telkomsel user who uses Smartphone 4G but not 4G SIM Card.
  • Valid in Telkomsel 4G coverage areas. Please click here for complete 4G coverage areas.
    • 5GB internet quota on 4G network only applies for customer who does the Regular SIM Card migration to 4G SIM Card. A Customer (1 mobile number and 1 device IMEI) can only get 5GB for 4G network once (the mobile number should not be in the grace period).
    • Customer whose SIM card is active for more than 6 months (Length of stay ≥ 6 Months).
  • Prepaid customer (simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop) will not be charged for switching to 4G SIM Card when the SIM Card arrives at their address.
  • Free delivery cost for all Telkomsel customers across Indonesia.
  • For kartuHalo user can change USIM 4G in GraPARI or My GraPARI.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.